BudgIT Liberia and UNDP Empowered Farmers and Promotes Ecological Farming in Morfeh Clan, Bomi County

Confronted by the urgent challenges of climate change and the alarming degradation of forest landscapes, BudgIT Liberia has emerged as a transformative force, making a lasting impact on the environmental and socio-economic landscape of Morfeh Clan in the Dewein District of Bomi County. In response to the pressing need to address the adverse effects of climate change and counteract the extensive degradation of forested areas, BudgIT Liberia has strategically intervened to rejuvenate and uplift the local ecosystem.

This impactful intervention in the Morfeh Clan highlights BudgIT Liberia’s dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable development. By actively engaging with the community and implementing strategic initiatives, the organization has played a pivotal role in revitalizing the natural environment and creating a model for responsible and community-driven environmental management. 

Building on this commitment, on April 27, 2023, BudgIT Liberia initiated a groundbreaking Permanent Nursery Project in Vortor Town. This innovative project benefited 15 communities with over 2,500 inhabitants, created job opportunities for 30 indirect beneficiaries, and trained 20 potential farmers in forestland restoration. Focused on afforestation, the project introduced a first-of-its-kind 30 nursery beds of 6 feet in length and 4 feet in width, each situated on approximately 7 acres of fertile farmland provided by the Vortor town for a permanent nursery site. The nursery, constructed to germinate 50,000 seedlings, has 30,000 germinated cocoa seedlings pending transplantation in degraded forestland in the Lake Piso Multi-Use Reserve in the Morfeh Clan, Bomi County. 

Climate change poses a significant threat to Liberian communities, impeding their access to potable water. This project funded the construction of a hand pump that provides safe drinking water to Vortor and its environs, addressing the issue of unsafe drinking water in these communities.  Additionally, 40 rural farmers received livelihood training in soap production, primarily women, ultimately creating an avenue to generate income and support their families. 

BudgIT Liberia and UNDP held a closing meeting on January 18, 2024, with key stakeholders in attendance, including Mr. Samuel Boakai (United Nations Development Program special representative) and Hon. Sando Johnson (Paramount chief). 

BudgIT Liberia’s Country Lead, Mr. Abraham Varney, emphasized the project’s impacts, expressed gratitude to the UNDP for the funding support, and highlighted the project’s environmental and economic benefits. The project addressed national efforts in combating land degradation, enhancing forest cover, improving food security, and mitigating climate change challenges.

Town chiefs from project communities also shared success stories. Chief Morris Kromah of Wolakor spoke about raising over LRD15,000 from the first production and expressed gratitude to BudgIT and UNDP. Ms. Kiadii, a women leader from Kanikoma town, testified to the positive impact on their community’s livelihood, generating over LRD17,000 from the first soap production. “We made about 17,000 Liberian dollars from the materials we received after the training. We also bought additional materials to produce more soaps to make more money to start a village savings loan in the community,” she mentioned.   

Mr. Samuel Boakai, UNDP’s direct representative, commended BudgIT Liberia and the Hands of Dewein for their transformative initiatives, emphasizing UNDP’s commitment to protecting the environment and empowering lives in Liberia and globally.  The event concluded with a vibrant cultural performance by Dewein’s talents, celebrating the project’s success in preserving Liberia’s cultural heritage.    


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