BudgIT Hour July 19, 2022 Edition:

BudgIT International finance and administration officer appeared on BudgIT hour on OK FM 99.5 during her visit to Liberia.
She highlighted the workings of BudgIT on the international scene which is squarely focused on giving power back to the citizens by holding their leaders accountable.
Making grate news during her elaboration on the air she added, By holding leaders accountable for the management of resources means, citizens MUST understand how the budget is being crafted and how does it work. Over the years, Citizens of different African countries have not taking their national budget as their responsibilities but rather are left with top government officials and politicians to make decisions which Madam Titus believes is one of the main reasons for Africa’s underdevelopment.
Tons of calls were received during the show while other tried but couldn’t get through.
All the callers expressed their gratitude for BudgIT extending their work to Liberia and promised to work with BudgIT’s team in the field to promote proper transparency and accountability.


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